12 Years of Continuous Service


4/3/2008 - 4/3/2020


In December of 2006, three friends of the Rotary Club Eastern Thessaloniki, under the Presidency of Christopher Paterakis, created the Rotary Club Thessaloniki Anatolia and celebrated its launch in March 2008, along with Rotaracts and Interacts. It was the first time that this had happened before the presence of over 250 people with the former Minister of Health, Demetrios Avramopoulos, as the key speaker.

Since then, and with the assistance and support of our Rotaracts and Interacts, we engaged in many collaborations with most of the Municipalities of Thessaloniki, the Consulate Generals of the United States, France, Russia, Germany and all of the Balkan countries. We also collaborated with many public benefit clubs, associations, and organizations to provide for the greater good. We have awarded blood donors and organizations that have provided assistance to the public; we organized sailing trips on the Thermaic Gulf, putting into use 17 boats for over 150 people who participated; we collaborated with other Rotary Clubs of our District and abroad; we participated in many regional and international conferences, and organized concerts and talks with distinguished international artists and exceptional speakers, respectively, from around the world.

On January 10, 2010 we created the first fraternity network of Rotary Clubs, that of Nis-Constantine the Great, Serbia; Craiova; Romania; Blagoevgrad-Center, Bulgaria; Tirana, Albania; Western Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki Anatolia, Greece, which we named, CFC, Culture, Friendship, Cooperation. With the help and contribution of our member, artist Pavlos Panousis, we organized joint art exhibits, called CUB, Culture Unites Balkans at Villa Bianca in Thessaloniki, at the Synagogue of Nis in Serbia, at the American University in Blagoevgrad and in the town of Vidinio in Bulgaria, at the Artist and Sculptor's Hall in Craiova and in Calafat, Romania. Each summer, we hosted youth leadership seminars in different countries which later developed into RYLA. This network eventually expanded to include the Rotary Club Kalamaria of Greece and the Rotary Club Sofia-Triaditsa of Bulgaria.

Our Club was the only club that had the privilege of being a member of the American Community Roundtable – Northern Greece along with other associations and or organizations such as the American College of Thessaloniki Anatolia, the American Farm School, Pinewood, AHEPA, the Daughters of Penelope, TOWER, etc.

Throughout the span of these 12 years, many members contributed and devoted their time to the development of our Club's goal, including but not limited to the following: Georgios Oikonomou, Frenti Gkoutziouli, Pavlos Panousis, Giannis Valasis, Nikos Kapsalis, etc as well as:

Past Presidents: Konstantinos Karnoutsos, Ioannis Mandrinos, Georgios Eleftheriades, Stavros Orairoglou, Demetrios Michaelides, Diogenis Tachidis, Ioannis Tachos, Konstantinos Demiris, Charalambos Sidiropoulos, Zoe Eleftheriadou, Sofronis Konstantinides, Lambrini Nassis, Ioannis Lakis.

President 2019-2020: Georgios Kestelides

Elected President 2020-2021: Demetrios Gatsos

The Rotary Club Thessaloniki Anatolia, has contributed and continues to contribute in the greatest degree with fondness and unselfishness in maintaining our District and believes in the true collaboration of all, at a regional and international level, and serves as a role model of contribution not only in Greece but abroad as well.

www.rcanatolia.org – rcanatolia@gmail.com

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