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The Rotary Club Thessaloniki Anatolia with its Rotaracts
invite members and friends in their regular gathering,
on Monday, October 13, 2014 at 21:00
at the Mediterranean Palace Hotel
with speaker the Past Governor of our District, George Vassilikiotis
"October 28, 1940, the saga of the Greek people."

During the banquet,
we will have new incoming members in our Club
and we will give special honors
to G. Vassilikiotis, G.. Solemetzidis and to members of our Club,
for Service Above Self  to our Club.

The presence of all of you is essential.

For the Board of Directors

Diogenes Takidis          Dimitris Pantelis
President                       Secretary

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The Rotary Club Thessaloniki Anatolia with its Rotaracts

and the Rotary Club of Beyoglu, Turkey,

on Friday, September 19, 2014 at 20:00, at the tavern "Gialos"

Nea Krini, next to the coffee EROTIKOS MARE,

will have common meeting, with variety of foods and drinks.

During the meeting will be the admission of new members in our Club

and it will be given the chance to learn about each other and discuss amongst ourselves.

The presence of members and friends of the Club with their spouses is required,

to honor the Rotary friends from the neighboring country,

and you can confirm your presence to our past president, George Eleftheriades,

mobile 6945 858801, until Wednesday, September 17, 2014,

as places are limited and you allow us to seat you

next to the same Rotary member of our visitors.

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Participation of Anatolia to the RYLSC

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The afternoon, on Wednesday, August 6, 2014, a group of Rotarians and Rotaracts of the Rotary Club Thessaloniki Anatolia, led by their President Diogenis Takidis, start our trip to Calafat, Romania, to participate in the third edition of the Rotary Youth Leadership Summer Camp (RYLSC) , as part of the CUB (Culture Unite Balkans) of the informal network of CFC (Culture, Friendship, Cooperation) twinned Rotary Clubs Craiova - Romania, Blagoevgrad Centrum - Bulgaria, Nis "Constantine The Great" - Serbia, Tirana & Korca - Albania and Thessaloniki Anatolia, Greece.

We had one stop in Sofia, at 03:00, where we had the pleasure to see and talk to the old president of our Rotaracts, Zlatin Georgiev, who wished us good luck and success.

The mission arrived in the morning, on Thursday, August 7 and after they greeted us with great Rotarian love, they led us to the Art Gallery of Calafat, where the conference began with a message of the Rotary Governor of Bulgaria through SKYPE and a message of the Governor of Rotary District 2484, North Greece, Kostas Karvounis, which was represented by our p.president, George Eleftheriadis.

This was followed by talks and proposals for joint actions between countries and interviewed on national television in Romania, where our p.president talked about the years of efforts and joint actions of the twinned Rotary Clubs, the old Greek Orthodox church of Calafat, and our common bonds with Romania, due to the very strong presence, in their country, of many Greeks who prospered and became great benefactors of Greece.

About the Rotary Leadership Seminar, we believe that the following joint statement of our Rotaractors, President Demetris Vantsios, Kiriaki Kavazidi, Alexandros Prokopis and Savvas Sidiropoulos, show us better the results of their education:

“We are writing this letter in order to describe our experience at the 3rd edition of the Rotary Youth Leadership Summer Camp (RYLSC) in Calafat, Romania, from 6 till 9 August 2014.

In this RYLSC we were 29 participants from Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.

The age of the participants varied from 14 to over 25 years old and the Clubs involved were Rotary, Rotaracts, Interacts and AIESEC.

In our first day of the RYLSC, on August 7th we were organized in 4 groups of people, in which we remained throughout the Camp.

This first day of training consisted mostly of the task of getting to know and trust each other better, by trying to communicate, despite the obvious language barriers.

We got the chance to be trained by an extremely skilled teacher in self motivation and team motivation and also in intercultural communication.

Summarizing our first day we were starting to realize that staying focused in a task or goal is harder and more challenging than it seems.

It requires clear vision perseverance, a positive outlook and efficient team work.

We also realized that often communication isn’t as simple as we may think.

We have to always try to communicate in the right way, with the right words and not forget to adjust if it is necessary.

The second day of training on August 8th focused more on the essence and skills of an aspiring leader.

We were taught about what the role and the behavior of an efficient and respected leader, as well as the different types of leadership we can choose from.

Moreover it became clear that a manager is not necessary a leader and vice versa.

We had a lot of interactive sceneries in which we started developing and enhancing our leadership skills and the communication between the chosen leader and its team.

Throughout the RYLSC we constantly challenged ourselves to grow and begin the long process of becoming a future leader who will be an admired and respected for his meaningful vision, his strength of character, his moral beliefs and his ability to efficiently turn his words into actions.

The RYLSC was structured in such a way that we had a lot of chances to enhance our interpersonal skills and learn to adapt more easily in an intercultural family.

It is also worth to mention the excellent hospitality of the organizer Club and its members.

They planned thoughtfully and successful a variety of fan activities which really helped us form a strong and lasting bond, even though our time was limited.

Last but not least, we were informed about the excellent and varied Rotary programs addressed to the New Generation, so that our leadership potential will keep growing long after the end of this year’s RYLSC.

We want to congratulate everyone who took part in this magnificent RYLSC and we are truly grateful for this opportunity to start fulfilling our potentials.” 

On Saturday, August 9, 2014, was the closing ceremony, which was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Calafat, the chief justice of the region, the Governor of their Rotary District, their Incoming District Governor, former Governors, the President of Rotary Club of Craiova, their special representative for District RYLA, various officials of their District, Rotarians, Rotaractors, trainers etc.
During the ceremony, we gave the gifts of the Minister of Macedonia - Thrace, Mr. George Orfanos, the Regional Governor of Central Macedonia, Mr. Apostolos Tzitzikostas and the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr. Yiannis Boutaris, whom our Club thanked for their sponsorship and their constant support.
Subsequently, our mission was directed in Craiova, where sightseeing tour of the city, free food and hospitality of our mission by the members of the Rotary Club of Craiova, Nikos and Yannis Bisbas exceeded every known measure!

The next morning we headed to Bechet, at the Danube, to cross over to Bulgaria, where another surprise waited us, the exemplary care of the local head of the harbor, to avoid inconvenience.

In closing, we want to thank, once again, the three governors of the Rotary Districts of Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, our Rotarians brothers from Craiova, their President Christian Spulberg, the former presidents, Gabriel Vladuts, Nastase Mircea, Catalin Adam, Nikos and Yannis Bisbas, trainers, and every attending person, for the wonderful experience, they gave us and their true Rotarian love

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The Rotary Club Thessaloniki Anatolia, at the regular gathering, on Monday, February 14, 2011, at 21:00, at the Hotel Mediterranean Palace, will have speaker, the member of our Club, Constantinos Kougias, engineer surveyor, on:

"Talk about the reasons and causes of the current street plan of our city"

The presence of the members and friends of our Club will give us great joy.

For The Board

of the Rotary Club Thessaloniki Anatolia

Konstantinos Demiris Stavros Orailoglou

President Secretary

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